Katie Butler

I’m Katie Butler, a 21 year old, recent graduate and a freelance commission artist. I’m new to Toronto and am originally from Windsor, Ontario. I am the founder and artist behind one of your french girls.
This project first got started about a year ago when I needed an escape from school and a solution to my insomnia (which I now think was my body’s way of pulling me back to doing what I love most). I painted my self portrait starting at 2 am, and shortly after I painted portraits for my four roommates as well! I loved seeing how my paintings were making my friends feel more confident and able to view their own bodies as art, and so, I decided to post those paintings and see if I could do the same for others.

It’s extremely important to me that the work I offer is inclusive, body positive and a high quality product. It’s also essential that my clients feel comfortable and supported throughout the more vulnerable experience of commissioning a nude or semi-nude piece. I am always open to answering any questions or concerns about my artistic services, receiving input for custom pieces, and collaborating with artists of similar visions, so please don’t hesitate to reach out. I would love to make you my next muse!

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