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"Mariko Chisato" Fine Art Print

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The "Mariko Chisato" Fine Art Print is a crisp, vibrant and long-lasting photo rendering of my original 18"x36" copper foil and acrylic piece printed onto 100% cotton rag using the giclee (inkjet) method and eco-friendly water-based non-toxic inks and has a matte finish. All fine art prints include an off-white border and are signed by the artist. 

"Mariko Chisato" is of a Trinidadian woman, Zoe, who is ethnically very mixed, but her most traceable components are her blackness and her Japanese heritage from her father’s mother. She really idolizes her grandmother Mariko (meaning "ten thousand miles") and gets her Japanese name Chisato (meaning "one thousand miles") from her. As her grandmother gets older she’s been longing for more connection to her Japanese ancestry and finds that while living in Canada, because she’s the minority, that’s kind of erased and she just becomes black. So this piece was meant to highlight and emphasize that often overlooked component of her identity.