How to Make an Art Print with a Half Inch Border Using Photoshop

I’ve always identified as someone who is good at math, if you subtract mental math, cancel out basic measurement and round down one abandoned Spirit of Math teacher training program. So, what that means, practically, is I can hold my own in high school math class (of course whenever provided a calculator) but when it comes to most real-world simple math applications, I’m not your guy. But that is okay, because since pursuing this art thing, I feel amongst my people! Every time my head is aching as I try to sort out print dimensions, I know I’m in good company.

So here is my good deed of the day, to other artists and my future self: I created this video tutorial to refer to if you are trying to make prints that have a consistent half-inch border across multiple sizes. I used photoshop because it’s a great and widely used application, and I stuck with a half-inch border because I think that’s also the most standard size for a fine art print border. In the video attached I go through the full process from the photo to the editing, to the measurement, to the print. It’s the first of more long form video content I’ve made so I hope you enjoy and feel free to reach out if there’s other tutorial-type content you’d like me to make. I’m not an expert, but I’m happy to explain how I do things where I’m happy with the quality of my own work.

Speaking of, all the prints currently on my site were made using these exact methods and I am so happy with how they’ve turned out. If you haven’t gotten a chance yet, please check out the “As seen at the Artist Project Toronto” Collection which includes print versions of each and every piece I displayed in Toronto this April.

 Cheers to figuring stuff out together and sharing resources and recommendations instead of headaches and horror stories.


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