A Recap

Welcome to the blog to complement my “one of your french girls” project. A title can only say so much, so I want to use this platform to show more behind the scenes, my thought process and intent for my paintings, to talk about my own journey growing into myself and my body and the experience of some of my clients who have commissioned work from me. That being said, that is only a rough idea of what this might look like. I am a fickle and impulsive person at times, and so I may just write about whatever I’d like to, and you’re welcome to read what suits you.

This blog post will be like the recap on the first episode of a new season, catching you up on all the biggest changes that have happened and teasing what is to come. That way you can jump in now even if you’ve never seen the show ;)

I’m Katie. I’m 21 years old and living in Toronto with my roommate Zoe in a teeny-tiny Queen West apartment. I work part-time in hospitality so that I can afford to work part-time as an artist.

When I started “one of your french girls” I was living in London, Ontario about half way through my undergraduate degree, which I have since completed. If balancing art and school was a bit tricky, then balancing art and online school was an impossible feat. And so, I took quite the hiatus from this passion project of mine, motivated by the fact that post-grad it would be my main focus.

Getting back to visual arts and really embracing myself as an artist has brought me so much joy and given me an outlet I didn’t know I had been missing. Painting and drawing allow me to enter a flow state on a regular basis, getting out of my cluttered mind and focusing in a way that feels so rare. Entering into creative communities has introduced me to so many cool people and let me be a part of lots of really great events and initiatives. As the city opens back up, I cannot wait for all of the creative opportunities and collaborations to come, especially in my neighbourhood.

The more art I create, the more I feel the limits of my abilities and a deep desire to grow my skillset, to take more risks with my work, to try new content and mediums and create art with intention and meaning. So, as I start to pick up speed again and get back into putting out work on a regular basis, I will be doing just that. I feel so grateful for the overwhelming trust of my clients that encourage this exploration so that we can work together to make something really special.

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