How should I go about taking a reference picture for my portrait? 

In an ideal world, I would be taking the reference images myself for each piece that I do, but with distance, COVID restrictions and limited space available, I often have clients work with me by acting as both the model and photographer for their painting. Capturing a great reference image is a process that often requires some back and forth collaboration between you and me, but there are some tips that I consistently give to help speed up the process:

1. Lighting makes a HUGE difference! Some dramatic lighting sources give a moodiness to the image and make it much more visually interesting. So pull out a lamp and play with some different angles to cast different shadows. 

2. Of course, pick a pose that makes you feel great, but don't forget to pick a great composition (a strong layout and balance of the overall picture)! Take a look through some of the paintings I've done and consider switching up the posing. Variety is always preferable. Try to incorporate some asymmetry and intersecting angles with your limb positioning. Take a photo burst and switch between poses to give the suggestion of movement. If you're still feeling unsure, look online for some editorial inspo or photography tips (ex. the rule of thirds).

3. Zoom OUT. I'll crop in as needed. I can always cut out excess background space, but its much harder to imagine what has been cropped out. If you are comfortable including your face in the painting, PLEASE do! I love painting faces!! Even if you don't want you face to be included in the painting, don't be afraid to include it in the reference photo and I will crop it in as requested when I sketch it out onto the canvas. 

4. Try to keep backgrounds simple and relevant. A plain bedsheet or wall is perfect. Then I can include the shadows casted on the background in the painting rather than editing out a cluttered background and losing that the natural subject-background integration. 



Would you be able to paint me something that is outside of what you usually do (ex. landscape instead of portraiture)? 

I am certainly open minded when it comes to subject matter, and may even welcome a different project. Put in a commission request and I will go through and let you know if I am interested. 



How long does it take for me to receive my finished painting from the time of request to delivery?

This is highly variable. Based on demand, painting size and subject matter, wait times will differ. At the same time that a quote is provided in response to your commission request, I will give an estimate of the wait time. If you need a painting done for a certain occasion, please let me know this so that I can make sure to only accept requests and deposits for projects that I can finish in time. 



What's the difference between a Satin Photo Print and a Fine Art Print?

The Fine Art Print is a thicker, higher quality print. The biggest differences are the heavier weight, brighter colouring and matte finish of the Fine Art Print. The Satin Photo Print is a great alternative for those who are looking for a better price point, and is more poster-like. I would recommend framing either way!



Do you only paint women?

While my body positivity project was called "one of your french girls", I certainly am able and willing to paint all of the genders. 



Who holds the rights to the artwork?

Once I sell you your painting, you hold the ownership rights 100% to that piece. However, I do maintain the creative rights to the artwork for reproduction purposes. I may decide to make print copies of your painting which will be made available for sale on this site.



Will my painting be posted on social media?

Odds are if I am loving the way your painting is turning out, I will want to share my progress and promote my business with it. One of the ways I often do this is via social media. However, upon request (say if you were commissioning the painting for a surprise gift or it was particularly explicit and easily identifiable) I would be refrain from sharing that on my socials. On the other hand, if you would like to share in the excitement, I can even tag you in my posts!



Don't see your question? Send me a message and I'll be happy to give you more information. I'm very open to working with special request to make you a custom painting that fits your space and style.