Would you be able to paint me something that is outside of what you usually do (ex. landscape instead of portraiture)? 

I am certainly open minded when it comes to subject matter, and may even welcome a different project. Put in a commission request and I will go through and let you know if I am interested. 


How long does it take for me to receive my finished painting from the time of request to delivery?

This is highly variable. Based on demand, painting size and subject matter, wait times will differ. At the same time that a quote is provided in response to your commission request, I will give an estimate of the wait time. If you need a painting done for a certain occasion, please let me know this so that I can make sure to only accept requests and deposits for projects that I can finish in time. 


Who holds the rights to the artwork?

Once I sell you your painting, you hold the ownership rights 100% to that piece. However, I do maintain the creative rights to the artwork for reproduction purposes. I may decide to make print copies of your painting which will be made available for sale on this site.


Will my painting be posted on social media?

Odds are if I am loving the way your painting is turning out, I will want to share my progress and promote my business with it. One of the ways I often do this is via social media. However, upon request (say if you were commissioning the painting for a surprise gift or it is a privacy issue) I would be refrain from sharing that on my socials. On the other hand, if you would like to share in the excitement, I can even tag you in my posts!


Don't see your question? Send me a message and I'll be happy to give you more information. I'm very open to working with special request to make you a custom painting that fits your space and style.